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Project Description

We have a large set-up of offset section with most updated machinery. We can produce Hang Tags, Price tag, Brand Tag, Paper tag. Waist Tag, Joker tan, Lycra Tag, Barcode Tag, Sewing Tag, Oekotex Tag, Vend rol, Insert ‘card. Header card_ Pocket flasher, Size strip, Paper Top, Beck board/Neck Board, Barcode/catr Sticker, Brochure/Catalog book, Photo card/Photo inlay, Adrian Patch, Cas window, PET/PVC Box with color print etc. Beck board/Neck Board, Barcode/Cartoon/Price/Round cade. Boxer box, Any kind of Gift Box, Photo insert box with PVC window,PET/PVC Box with color print etc,

Daily Production: 1,500,000 Pcs
Sample Lead Time: 3-5 working days